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Catch Them Young

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

With the increasing number of infectious diseases, boosting the immune system plays a major role in kids. The treatment which focuses on improvement of अग्नि( the digestive fire) is a boon in treating several diseases in kids, adolescents and even in new born babies. Any imbalance in Agni leads to indigestion and the accumulation of wastes like stool, urine, sweat etc. Stool or feces forms the major part of waste products. Accumulated waste in gastric tract adversely affects the digestion, absorption of essential nutrients, further causing inflammation in intestine and stomach resulting in low immunity, allergies and even some auto immune disorders in children. 

In new born babies, we come across major complaints like gastric disturbance, pain in abdomen, vomiting, loose motion or constipation in a very early stage. Most of the time the baby refuses feeding. All these are caused due to indigestion caused by lactating problems, powdered milk formulas, adulterated milks in market, weaning foods etc. If these symptoms prevail for long time the immunity lowers down causing recurrent infections.

At Arogyam, the digestion is regularised, removal of waste is done by giving simple herbal preparations and kids can be saved from getting major illnesses.

Certain body signals like lowered hunger, constipation, loose stool, nausea etc may predispose the upcoming illness. At Arogyam, the parents are kept well informed about those signs arriving in that particular kid. This way, many a times the kid is prevented from falling severely sick. As the recurrence of illness decreases, the medicines to improve the immune system are prescribed. After some days, the body functions are restored back naturally without causing any side effects. 

Kids suffering from chronic asthma, recurrent cough/cold, stomach pain, worms infestations, bed wetting and some cases of kidney problems, urinary bladder problems are treated successfully in Arogyam.

The herbal formulations are given in a very lesser quantity and can be easily taken along with honey, ginger-lemon chaatan, ginger-lemon sharbat etc. Kids enjoy taking the medicines which forms a major part of relief for parents. 

Modern research has proved GUT- BRAIN connection. The accumulated toxins in gut are linked to behavioural changes. The worms infestation is a major problem arising from toxins resulting from chronic indigestion and constipation. The endotoxins released by the death of these worms alter the biochemical equilibrium in blood which is found to be a major cause in behavioural problems like ADHD, autism, concentration problems, hyperactivity in kids and may cause Obesity, Diabetes and some more complex neurological problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis in future.

Thus, keeping healthy digestion in kids has gained an enormous importance as we are able to know the pathology of these grave diseases. Ayurved is a key to prevent our next generations suffering from such diseases.

Kids have lesser accumulated toxicity as compared to older ones. Let’s reap the benefits from Ayurvedic concepts of diet and lifestyle to help build a better individual with healthy body and mind which is a greatest need of modern age! 

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Vidya Patil
Vidya Patil
Apr 19, 2018


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