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Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Getting a good head massage is a very nice idea to relieve stress. The head massage is divided into two parts, scalp massage and facial massage. The scalp massage is done to stimulate the blood circulation and to affect the nerve endings present there. The oil helps to hydrate your hair and scalp, help in hair growth and strengthen the roots of the hair. A regular scalp massage keeps the scalp healthy and thus would help in keeping scalp infections, dandruff from affecting the scalp. It is necessary though that the head massage be given by a professional or someone trained in the art.and can make the hair healthier as well. Head massage is known to be a great remedy for insomnia, anxiety, depression, backaches, dizziness, stress and anxiety that are common ailments in most individuals. Besides being relaxing, a good head massage helps to revitalize the brain and the body. It helps to improve concentration. The facial massage is meant to relax all the muscles of the face. We start with the forehead, which is where the majority of headaches originate. Applying circular massage movements with the fingers, palms, and finger tips will help provide relief from annoying sinus pain as well. At the end of the massage session, massaging the back of the neck is the icing on the top of the cake and will make you feel completely relaxed and stress free. All this procedure is carried out in a calm, relaxing atmosphere along with background soothing, calming music!

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