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Wellness Quotient Test -Let's begin the journey to a proprietary software developed by Dr Kirti Tare

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Know your body alarms !! Balance of mind and body functions is what Ayurved describes as a complete health. Our body equilibrium depends on feedback mechanisms associated with various biochemical processes going on in our body. For example when body needs energy it demands for food in the form of hunger, when it needs water thirst is felt. There are thirteen urges or reflexes necessary to maintain the biochemical equilibrium and they should never be ignored or suppressed. If ignored for long, the disorder leads to serious health problems. These are called preventive measures or alarming signs and symptoms. Amongst the thirteen urges include urge to Fart, Defecate, Urinate, Sneeze, Thirst, Hunger, Sleep, Cough, Breath after physical activity, Vomit, ejaculate the Semen. Suppression of these urges leads to imbalance. Balance is Health, imbalance dis-ease

All these cause the imbalance in अग्नि, (the digestive fire), जाठराग्नी (the digestive fire in GUT) which may further result in disease. Agni is the strength of our body which transforms the food taken to the body nutrients used to generate the required energy. The further biochemical processes are controlled by धात्वग्नि (the digestive fire in tissues) which carries out the tissue metabolism. The cellular metabolism is governed by पंचभूताग्नि.

When the Jatharagni gets imbalanced it is called predisease stage, if not corrected, the dependent two Agni also get imbalanced causing the disease progress.

Role of Wellness Quotient Test

The Wellness Quotient test provides a complete picture of all the body functions, their interactions with each other, it's effect on our body which helps to map the pathogenesis of the presenting health issues in a graphical representation.

Lifestyle diseases, a major prevailing health issues have complexity, involve multiple organ and tissue disorder which makes them difficult to diagnose without any diagnostic technical tool in hand. With the help of the Wellness Quotient test software, we are able in diagnosing the health condition with more precision.

It helps to track down the effect of treatment, observe any possible side effects of the treatment and avoid over medication.

Further, it may prove helpful in preventing any major health issues if the test is taken at regular intervals.

It's time to Ensure our Wellness in addition to Insure our diseases!

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