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सुप्रजा निर्मिती: Ayur Baby

Factors responsible for conception

ऋतु (a specific fertile period which includes a balanced status of mind and body to form a foetus),

क्षेत्र (healthy uterus or the site of conception and growth of foetus), अंबु (well nourished blood supply to uterus),

बीज (healthy sperm and ovum) are the basic factors responsible for a healthy conception. Role of अग्नि and पंचमहाभूत (Five elements)

Factors assisting in conception


A perfectly balanced अग्नि trio, जठराग्नी (the digestive fire),

धात्वग्नी (its tissue level) and पंचमहाभूताग्नि (cellular level), are responsible for the health of the above factors and assist the fertilisation process failing to this a conception may not take place. पंचमहाभूत

The जठराग्नी gets vitiated due to the imbalance caused by पंचमहाभूत (Five elements) viz पृथ्वी (Earth), आप (Water), तेज (Fire), वायू (Air element) and आकाश (Space). वायू is called the controller of whole body mechanisms! It’s main site of action is our gastrointestinal tract especially the large intestine. During reproduction, along with the other four, the वायू is mainly responsible for fertilisation, foetal cell division, organ formation and proper expulsion of foetus. A stressful and sedentary lifestyle along with wrong dietary habits like irregular food timings, junk or fast food intake, few addictions if any, screen exposure for a longer duration, lack of exercise etc may alter the fertility as well as quality of sperm and ovum. What's सुप्रजा निर्मिती or Ayurbaby program?

Hence a planned conception program is necessary to maintain the equilibrium of all these factors. Arogyam’s Ayurbaby programme helps to achieve this by regulating अग्नि, maintaining the equilibrium of पंचमहाभूत by medicines, diet and lifestyle correction and the necessary Panchakarma therapies according to the individual needs.The Panchakarma involves detoxification of body and helps to maintain the body functions in equilibrium. Benefits of Ayurbaby program

The Ayur babies in Arogyam are observed to be

  • healthy

  • more sharp in mind

  • active

  • inherit very good immunity Let's build a great future by way of सुप्रजा निर्मिती or Ayurbaby program! Related Articles: Stress management

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